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The Foxtrot Uniform Sneaker Stainer range was specially developed for the sneaker community to quickly and easily achieve different neo-vintage effects on their own sneakers.

The Sneaker Stainer offers a staining liquid in a cream color, referenced from our archives of vintage sneakers. The application is instant, fast-drying, waterproof and scuff resistant.

The angled shader nib allows you to reach the grooves where the threads of the midsole are, coating it in an easy swipe.

One stainer will stain at least 4 pairs of sneaker midsoles.


Due to the nature of the marker and movement during shipment, some stainers will arrive with their ink already flowed into the nibs.

We do apologise in advance for any minor leakage that may occur during shipment. However, despite its appearance, this does not affect its performance. 

All stainers are individually sealed in shrink-wrap prior to shipping.

 The adhesion of the stain varies on different surfaces and materials. Some fade may occur on non porous materials like plastics parts (AJ3 and 4 type soles) and even Nylon tongues.  

Stain at your own discretion, you are solely responsible on the outcome of your sneakers.

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