We constantly try to find new ways to DVOTIONize your world. This ready-to-use cleaning solution, developed in our labs, uniquely draws out all dirt and stains thanks to its exclusive formula. Your shoes (even your hats, handbags, or any other of your accessories) will be perfectly restored, good-as-new, whatever they are made of -suede, nylon, leather, nubuck, canvas, or cotton mesh. For a long-lasting effect, all it takes is a few moments, some Sneaker Cleaning Foam, and you’re good to go!

  • Ready to use Foam application 150ml
  • Rapid action draws out all dirt and stains
  • Safe on all materials canvas, leather, vinyl, nylon, suede, nubuck, cotton, mesh
  • Non-pressurisedbottle
  • No need to add anything or rinse off.
  • Suitable for more than just your shoes hats, handbags, and more.
  • DV signature perfume

Instructions for use:

Dip your DV brush into water. Spray the Sneaker Cleaning Foam on your brush or directly on the shoe. Allow the foam to spread over and start to scrub in a circular motion. Leave for 1’ and wipe off with your DV Microfiber Cloth. Leave until dry.

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