When it comes to style, nothing says more about you than your favorite sneakers. Now it’s time to raise the accessory level a notch, thanks to this old-school, brand new tech accessories. The Premium Microfiber Towel are the accessories you should buy! Treat your precious kicks as you should, and keep them spotless the DVOTIONal way!

  • Premium microfiber fabric that absorbs up to 6 times its weight in liquid, 30*30
  • Quick drying, non-abrasive and lint free
  • Easily picks up dust, grime, and dirt
  • Can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times and still be effective
  • Essential tool for wiping off excess liquid from shoes
  • Machine wash with similar colors / air dry recommended

Instructions for use:

Dip your DV brush into water. Spray the Sneaker Cleaning Foam on your brush or directly on the shoe. Allow the foam to spread over and start to scrub in a circular motion. Leave for 1’ and wipe off with your DV Premium Microfiber Towel. Leave until dry.

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